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And the winner is...

The votes are in! Head over to the gallery to congratulate the winners and see all 17 new Chrome extensions.

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Public voting starts now!

OK Chrome lovers, there are 16 new extensions in the gallery and it's your turn to pick the winner.

The extension with the most likes between March 27–April 1 will win a featured shoutout in our weekly newsletter. Now get out there and power up your browser!

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Time's Up!

Submissions are now closed, but public voting starts on Friday — so hang tight.

In the meantime, check out all the new extensions.

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3 days left!

The deadline is right around the corner. Submit your Chrome extension before 5pm ET on March 25th!

you're missing out on an awesome gif

Happy Hacking! ~ Team ChallengePost

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1 week left!

The deadline is right around the corner. Submit your extension before 5pm ET on March 25th and don't forget to include a link to the Chrome Web Store.

tick tick - turn on your images. the time is -now-

Happy Hacking! ~ Team ChallengePost

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Introducing the Judges

Meet the panel who'll be looking at every aspect of your Chrome extension:

Zack Shapiro

Zack is an engineer, entrepreneur, and the former founder of, a Chrome extension to mute anything you don't want to see on Twitter and Facebook.

Ashwinn Krishnaswamy

Ashwinn is the co-founder of Point, a Chrome extension that makes sharing and talking about articles effortless. In his spare time he likes to blog, run, and write on Quora.

The ChallengePost team

Rounding out the panel, we've got our own Brandon Kessler (CEO & Founder), Holly Tiwari (Product Design), and Neal Shyam (Community).


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How's it going?

Hey, are you having fun working on your Chrome extension? Tweet @ChallengePost and give us a hint about what it does!

Turn on your images & trust in Honey Boo Boo.

Need some help getting started? We've got your back:

Happy Hacking! ~ Team ChallengePost

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Oh it's on!

Thanks for joining our Chrome extension challenge! We're geeked to have you on board and can't wait to see what you're building.

FYI, we lurve gifs so turn on images!

If you have questions about the challenge or want to talk shop with fellow hackers, head on over to the discussion forums. FYI, the deadline is March 25, 5pm ET.

As a reminder, the official rules are:

  • No teams - this is a solo competition.
  • Your entry must be a new Chrome extension created after challenge start date.
  • Your extension must be live in Google Chrome Webstore so we can test it.
  • No malicious code — pls

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